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About us

AVETA provide exceptional education opportunities through offering high quality nationally accredited courses

The main campus is situated centrally in the heart of the vivacious and exciting Melbourne city, offering our students a variety of options to understand the city’s enriching culture. A choice of sporting and leisure facilities, Government offices and banks are located within a close proximity to the campus. Students can additionally take advantage of the easy access to Melbourne’s central business district and neighbouring suburbs through trams, trains and buses available at the doorstep of the Academy. The College has a specially allocated campus with state of the art equipment to help students achieve culinary expertise. AVETA is well renowned for providing its students with world class training equipping them with practical skills which help them stand out on an international level.

Career Focused Training

Our Vocational Courses enable our graduates to seek employment opportunities in the fast evolving Australian marketplace. AVETA’s courses are part of the Nationally recognised education and training structure in Australia. We tailor our courses for industry thereby enhancing employment opportunity for our graduating students. AVETA courses are

  • Highly competitive
  • National in scope

In addition AVETA caters for the needs of students with disabilities. For course commencement dates: Please contact us via email or call.

Experienced and Caring Staff

AVETA’s excellent experienced staff help deliver our promise of providing exceptional education opportunities. Our staff comprises of highly talented individuals possessing extensive experience in both education and industry. Our diverse team is dedicated to ensuring that AVETA provides a caring and supportive environment for our students. AVETA embraces the concept of working with our students so that they can achieve their educational goals. AVETA’s Trainers provide language, literacy and numeracy support and where necessary accommodate the special needs of the students.

A Centrally Located Campus in Melbourne

AVETA is centrally located in the heart of Melbourne city, a vibrant and exciting location offering our students diverse opportunities to experience the city’s cultural, social and business environment. It is in close proximity to a range of sporting and recreational facilities for which Melbourne is famous for together with quick access to Government offices and banks. AVETA students have the additional convenience of public transport at the doorstep of the Academy, providing them with easy access to Melbourne’s central business district and neighbouring suburbs, in which there is a wide range of affordable accommodation available.

Modern Facilities

AVETA’s campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, with spacious air-conditioned classrooms that are well equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Students have access to a computer lab to enhance their learning experience.
Our teaching and demonstration resources are motivating for students.
We offer a commercial kitchen for practical training.

AVETA Student Support Services

Because we are committed to supporting students who are building careers we provide a comprehensive range of student support services for our students. These free confidential counseling sessions happen at regular times throughout their period of studies addressing any personal or educational issues that are affecting them. Our students are encouraged to express their concerns that they are experiencing within this supportive environment. These counseling experiences often lead to insights and clarity of issues for the student so that they can reduce any discomfort and anxieties they may be experiencing and as a direct result can get back on track to achieving their academic or life goals.

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